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Stavropoleos 5, Old Town Area, Bucharest

Open Hours:

  • Monday –  Sunday – 09:00 – 21:00

Bookings: 0726 282 373

Viennese New Year’s Eve Ball 2022

Have fun in 2 or with friends!

Upon your arrival…will toast with Rhein sparkling wine and a special selection of amuse-bouche with will open the appetite and unleash the tongue

New Year’s Eve Menu

Cold starters for heated hearts

  • Pressed cold pork leg terrine, flavored with horseradish and baked pepper smooth jelly
  • Vegetable quiche and Bocconcini with Pesto made from fresh basil, vegetable chutney
  • Well smoked duck breast with flavored jam made from orange and hot pepper fresh juice
  • Red tuna wrapped in fried sesame, quail egg, salmon roes, delicious avocado cream
  • Spinach waffles, smooth cheese mousse, fresh vegetable salsa
  • Turkey breast rolls with crusted parmesan vegetables, sour cream sauce, with pickles and tarragon
  • Flavored choux filled with salad made from char-grilled fresh eggplants and crispy bacon

Hunters from turbulent waters, ready to be indulge right after the toast

  • Golden salmon fillet and wild perch, flavored with lime and orange
  • Fresh vegetables tagliatelle with bavette
  • Rice sphere gratinated with parmesan
  • Chosen sauce made from capers with butter

Vivid all the year

  • Duck breast with garden apple chips, with a twist of cinnamon
  • Perfect veal fillet praline, wrapped in bacon and crispy of salted dough
  • Mille-feuille from flavored potatoes with butter and cream of Transylvania truffles
  • Vegetables sticks wrapped in prosciutto
  • Pepper sauce and Bourgogne reduction

Sweet moments
• Chocolate in various textures with fresh raspberry sauce, and almond flour sablée


Drinks menu

Alcoholic drinks

Fetească Neagră, Domeniile Sâmburești (dry)
Chardonnay, Domeniile Sâmburești (dry)
Rosé, Domeniile Sâmburești (dry)

Draught Caru’ cu bere House Beer
Ursus Premium draught Non-alcoholic: Ursus Premium, Ursus Cooler

Cinzano Bianco/ Rosso

Gordon’s London Dry
Tanqueray London Dry

Vodka: Smirnoff Red

Johnnie Walker Red Label
Jack Daniel’s

Samaro liqueur green walnuts

Long drinks & Cocktail:
Campari Orange
Gin Gordon’s Tonic
Gin Tanqueray Tonic
Vodka Orange
Aperol Spritz
Pink Grapefruit Gin
Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

Non Alcoholic Drinks
• Pepsi – variety refreshments: Pepsi Cola/ Pepsi Max, Pepsi Twist, Mountain Dew
• Prigat: orange, pear, strawberry-banana, kiwi, peach
• Still and sparkling water
• Espresso / decaf
• Cappuccino with milk foam / decaf
• Café Latte
• Romanian tea
• Julius Meinl Bio Tea
• Red bull energizer


Entertainment schedule


• Orchestra Wiener Walzer
• Society dances held by Contesina band on Orchestra Wiener Walzer
• Orchestra Wiener Walzer
• DJ
• Sparkling wine and confetti
• Brazilian dances – Contesina Group
• Traditional carols and habits during New Year’s Eve
• DJ

Beer Museum
• Café Concert
• DJ
•Traditional Romanian music with Caru’ cu bere Taraf
• “Asa beau oamenii buni” – Party with Taraful Caru’ cu bere
• Sparkling wine, confetti
• Brazilian dances – Contesina Group
• Traditional carols and habits during New Year’s Eve
• DJ
•,,Dă-i cu șprițul pân‘ la ziuă!‘‘- party with Caru‘ cu bere Taraf
• Party with DJ and Taraf


What you need to know?

  • price 840 lei
  • For those who pay the full amount until November 30th , they will receive a 10% discount, 756 lei
  • For groups larger than 15 persons, regardless of the time of booking, we will apply the same 10% discount.
  • Children up to 10 years will receive a 50% discount and a special menu “Whipster”
  • The places will be considered booked only when an advance of 25% will be paid and the contract will be signed.
  • The rest must be paid until December 20th
  • If one of the following two situations occurs: restrictions due to the increased incidence of Covid19 or the possession of a positive PCR test, the advance payment will be refunded. In case of a positive PCR test, please notify us by e-mail at evenimente@carucubere.ro
  • The advance paid is refundable in full:
    • Out4food points + 10% bonus (1 point=1 Romanian LEU). Those will be uploaded into your Out4food account. Example: if you paid 500 lei as advance, you will receive 550 points in Out4food app
    • money
  • The points are available in all City Grill Group restaurants and you can you use it the entire 2022 year, inclusive you can pay the 2023 New Year’s Eve party.


We hope to celebrate together the New Year’s Eve party.


Contact us: 

Cristina Oprea si Bianca Goghez

Event Manager

0730 022 021,