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Stavropoleos 5, Old Town Area, Bucharest

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Bucharest Old Town Restaurant

With a history of more than 130 years, Caru’ cu bere was always and still remains on of the most meaningful symbols of Bucharest’s old town, being the favourite meeting spot both for locals as for international tourists, among them being some famous names like The Rolling Stones, The Price of Japan, Edward Kennedy or Nicholas Cage, all of them being our guests in the past years.

The story of the Caru’ cu bere restaurant in the old town of Bucharest

A symbol for the old town and for the entire city as well, the story of the Caru’ cu bere restaurant starts in the year of 1879, when on Calea Victorieri street there was a beerhouse called “La Carul cu Bere” (“At the beer wagon), ran by the Transylvanian Ion Cabasanu, who was helped in running the beerhouse by his nephews, the Mircea brothers.

18 years later, on the 25th of September 1897, Nicolae Mircea, the youngest among the Mircea brothers, would buy the place from Stravropoleos 5 Street, the location of the future brewery known today as Caru’ cu bere, the most famous restaurant in Bucharest’s Old Town.
In 1948, the place from Stravropoleos 5 Street is taken over by the new political regime, staying in it’s property until 1999, when the descendants of Mircea Nicolae manage to get back the ownership of the building. 7 years later, in the year of 2006, the old center of Bucharest gets back one of it’s most important landmarks, as the Caru’ cu bere restaurant it’s finally reopened, in partnership with the City Grill Group.

Caru’ cu bere today

Today, more than 2,500 clients enjoy every day traditional romanian food and the famouse house beer made from an unique recipe. Caru’ cu bere is the first choice when someone looks for a restaurant in the historic center of Bucharest.

Foreign tourists make more than one third off all the people who visit our restaurant, Caru’ cu bere being more than just a place to eat, but also a place where you can discover a once lost piece of Romania’s capital history.


Enjoy the finest traditional romanian food in Bucharest

Very slowly roasted pork knuckle with braised sour cabbage, polenta, horseradish and a chili pepper, cont pork like in the old days and smoked sausages with polenta and sour cabbage or the already famous grilled minced meat rolls, made from a recipe created more than 100 years ago, you can taste in all if you pay a visit to our restaurant in the old center of Bucharest.
If you want a taste of authentic romanian cousine, we are waiting for you in the old town of Bucharest, in a place loaded with history and tradition: the Caru’ cu bere restaurant.


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