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Stavropoleos 5, Old Town Area, Bucharest

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  • Monday –  Sunday – 09:00 – 24:00

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If indoors, we meet Gothic elements of the German Romantic School , indoor the decorations can be said to fit the “1900 Art”: wooden furniture and paneling, murals designed by the arch. Z. Kofsinsky and painted by artists like Wilhelm & Friederich Hugo.


The restaurant’s basement is designed with simplicity, suggesting a cellar. The ground floor is abundantly decorated with a large variety of materials and colors.

Decoratiuni restaurant centrul vechi Caru' cu bere


The floor is finished with ceramics of different colors and type, displayed in strips or large areas, following the emplacement of operating rooms.
During the expansion in 1924, the inscriptions in the central arch were added, connecting the new and the former locations. The floor mosaic marks the 1879, 1924 and the monograph of the founder; above, between the marking 1879, 1889, 1899, 1924, Nicolae MIRCEA inscribed his moral creed: “WITH WORK, PATIENCE, ENERGY AND HONESTY, WITH FAITH AND THROUGH GOD’S WILL, EVERYTHING COMES TO LIFE”.

Restaurant Bucuresti Caru' cu bere


The upper part of the walls, the arches and the entire ceiling are painted in oils and the vines arising from the columns are gold-plated.


All these columns are decorated with stucco and marble by the “Axerio Brothers” company. Those supporting the arches are yellow, with darker brown and purple spots and those supporting the vines are a dark brown, with irregular beige, green and black stripes. The finishing is outstanding in quality even if not very wide it created a completely unique atmosphere in the establishment.


The hardware is also amazing though the fantasy of ots execution, in particular outside the building.


The quote is from:
La via del marmo artificiale da Rima a Bucarest e in Romania tra otto e novecento
[chapter Caru’ cu bere, Nicolae LASCU]
Associazione Culturale Zeisciu Centro Studi, 2010



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