Caru' cu Bere is setting the standards of cooking and service by which others are judged since 1879.


Lord's dish

Romanian pork shank served with pan fried sauerkraut, polenta, horseradish and chili pepper Mutton stew served with polenta


Soups • Creams

Bean soup with smoked bacon served in bread bowl Radauteana soup, recipe from Bucovina Tripe sour soup Bean soup with smoked bacon and red onion Meatballs soup Beef soup Cream of vegetables served with homemade croutons  


Pan fried trout fillet Grilled trout Breaded trout fillet Salmon slices Grilled sea bream


Romanian Cold Collation Romanian Cheese Dish Peasant Dish Fisherman's Dish Raw salad (apple, carrot and celery) with mayonnaise and boiled chicken breast Homemade boeuf salad Eggplant salad served with fresh tomatoes and garnished with onion




Apple cake Baked apple with wild berries sauce Caramel cream assorted with mint leaves Crepes filled with ice cream and chocolate Apple strudel served with vanilla ice cream Cheese strudel served with wild berries sauce Crepes filled with chocolate and whipped cream Boiled pear in red wine served with vanilla ice cream Delicious doughnuts with sweet cheese, sour cream and jam

Grilled dishes

Hollandaise T-bone steak Hollandaise grilled veal fillet Kaesekrainer sausages Caru' cu bere mix grill: chicken breast, pork fillet, viennese sausage, minced meat rolls, well smoked sausage, turkey breast served with baked potatoes with bacon and red onion Black Angus – TomaHawk Plescoi sausages (spicy)


Red beet salad served with horseradish Chili peppers salad Red onion salad Sauerkraut salad

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Dear friends, we provide a fine dining experience for all occasions in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our restaurant is the perfect setting for a business lunch as well as for a casual or romantic dinner.

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Caru' cu bere

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